rose minetti

Rose Minetti's method transformed from spontaneous strokes to deliberate strokes yet her concepts have remained constant. "My work reflects my interest in the environment; natural, as in geology/land and artificial, as in structure/architecture. My imagery is an abstraction of what I see and experience in the natural and artificial environment. My recent work is defined by the grid and a stroke gleaned from calligraphy. I experiment with color relationships, particularly neutrals, looking at how colors effect other, creating shades and values that are unique."

Minetti moved to Arizona from her native Brooklyn in 1984. She received her BA in studio art from Rutgers University, and her MA in Art from Arizona State University. She worked as President of Arizona Women's Caucus for Art 1987-89. She was affiliated with MARS Art Space, an artist run gallery in Phoenix as an Artist Member (1989-96), and a Board Member (1994-96). Her last position was as exhibit curator for the Department of Archives and Special Collections, University Libraries, Arizona State University. She lives in Gilbert, Arizona and Lewes, Delaware.

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