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My artist’s journey started in childhood: drawing, sketching, and pottery, later, painting and sculpting. I was very lucky to have been exposed to the great works of art at the Museums in Washington while growing up and attending a school where the arts were encouraged…My family were all into the arts, and, so began my lifetime of creating.


My process begins with a concept or reaction to a feeling, culled from experiences, or a response to a visual image in my mind. Throughout the process, I check to see if the work is reflecting my intention. Various bodies of work influence and inform each other; often cross-pollinating. My series on paper is mixed media work which captures the human figure, and/or abstract forms in movement, color and line.

My Stream of Consciousness  series on canvas catalogues the figure on the edge of abstraction, emerging from my thoughts, dreams and the images distilled from work on paper. The work may include mixed media of: paint, Caran d’ache, oil pastel, charcoal, ink, ure pigment and collage. Nothing is “off limits” in terms of the use for expression.


Abstract Considerations, the most recent series, is pure abstraction on canvas and paper. Both surfaces have evolved from the works in a former series. In Abstract Considerations, the entire composition becomes a “search and conquer” process for the final image. The forms are “sculpted” from the canvas or paper to arrive at the finish line…the final piece.


In the series, “Terra FirmaScapes”, the abstracted landscape is the centerpiece upon which my quest turns to the land of shapes –pushing to mix a slice of reality with abstraction.


Another series, “Explorations of Possibilities” is pure abstraction on canvas portrayed in heightened texture, line, and color. In this series, I seek the “right “marks and spaces and lines to express my feeling about an envisioned place which exists in my mind’s eye.


“Bodyscapes “& “Extensions” “Imagescapes” are further outgrowths of the above process…where the search for the bold line, intense color and texture continues. Using the figurative or abstract platform, I develop the process as a tool for expressing my ongoing love affair with color, attentive mark making, texture and form. It is a constant search, layering, building upon, to arrive at that moment where the piece ultimately “works”. Extending the time of that moment and stretching my explorations through sustained study and attention keeps the work alive and fresh for me.




A Washington native, Deborah Brisker Burk is an award winning artist who has been creating art since childhood. She has worked in a range of media including sculpture, printmaking, painting and drawing. Her current paintings are mixed media on canvas and paper. Ms. Burk’s work has been featured in numerous galleries, collections and exhibitions in the U.S., Israel, Canada, Russia, Egypt and India. Exhibits include solo shows at the The Marin Price Galleries, Parish Gallery, The Charles Sumner Museum, Philip Morton Gallery, Har Shalom Gallery and The Framer’s Choice. Currently, Ms. Burk work may be seen at: Philip Morton Gallery, Rehoboth, Delaware and Marin Price Galleries in Chevy Chase, Md., Blank Slate Gallery in Sarasota, Fl., Gallery 50, Rehoboth Beach, De. , William Ris Gallery in Stone Harbor, New Jersey, and the William Ris II Gallery in Jamesport, Long Island, N.Y.


Ms. Burk earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees in art from GWU. Publications include the Cape Gazette in De., and a review in the Washington Gazette for her latest show at Marin Price Galleries. Her Zenith Gallery exhibit garnered a large photo of her artwork and review in The Washington Post by critic, Mark Jenkins. Past exhibits have resulted in “top pick,” and other positive critiques from The Washington Post. Brisker-Burk’s work has been featured in the City Paper, Md. Gazette, Potomac Almanac, as well as in reviews by Robert Dunlop, WETA art critic, and JoAnne Lewis, art critic from the Post. Curators from Corcoran, National Museum for Women in the Arts and the Hirshorn have juried her work in numerous exhibits. Ms. Burk has served as a local juror, and in pursuit of fresh artistic ideas, she has traveled extensively in the U.S., Canada, Israel, Caribbean, Europe, Australia and Russia..

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