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Exhibitions and Events, 2022

"The Qualities of Light"
 Rae Hamilton

 May 27 - June 14

 Discovering one day that light meant everything, well almost everything,  in  a painting changed my whole approach to creation. Sure,  composition is  important. But if a handsome chair sits in a dark room, it's  as if the chair  isn't  there. To the extent that light is shed on the subject,  the direction it  comes  from is changed, and the intensity of the light is  adjusted, the chair  becomes a different being. Capturing the being is  impossible without  understanding the qualities of light.

 Opening reception Friday, May 27 5:30pm to 8:00pm

 This exhibition will be on display through June 14.

Evening Peace.jpeg

 Marian Osher

 June 10 - June 28

 A magical, mystical journey of shells, that transform from sea creatures'  homes to unique treasures on the beach for a beachcomber's delight.  Marian's paintings highlight the beauty and uniqueness of each shell. 

 Opening reception Friday, June 10  5:30pm to 8:00pm

 This exhibition will be on display through June 28


"Hello, World!"
 Bruce Clayton

 July 1 - July 19

 Art has always played a significant role in Bruce's life, and photography  has become his source of artistic expression. Being a natural born  observer, photography is how he documents the world around him. From  coastal landscape to urban landscape and the human form, his work has  been described as striking, dramatic, provocative , and avant-garde.

 Opening reception  Friday, July 1  5:30pm to 8:00pm

 This exhibition will be on display through July 19

Hello World.jpeg

"A Weekend with Thom"
 Thom Millsap

 August 12 - August 30

 The bright acrylics create the beauty of the moment when the brush  touches the canvas. It activates the surface and is a process of energy to  have the composition become a whole. Thom will be painting  throughout the weekend. Watch him take you to a happy place with the  vibrant colors.

 Opening Reception Friday, August 12  5:30pm to 8:00pm 

 This exhibition will be on display through August 30 

A Weekend with Thom.jpeg

"Empty Spaces"
 Susan Webster
 September 2 - September 20

 Susan's whimsical, 3 dimensional paintings, will have you wondering  from afar if you can pick out the 3D. The bright acrylics can sometimes  hide  things right before your eyes. Maybe that painting in the  background is one of her previous works. These paintings are fun.   

 Opening reception Friday, September 2  5:30pm to 8:00pm

 This exhibition will be on display through September 20

Two for Three.jpeg
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