Marian Osher

Time Out – for the Beach is an evolving series of mixed-media collaged paintings which express my enjoyment and observation of the treasures of the beach -- both the people and the shells. I pick up a shell and observe cracks, chips, holes and colorations, and various patterns and marks. I wonder how long they have traveled and where.

People on the beach represent a variety of racial and ethnic origins, genders and ages. They repeat their human activities -- playing, reading, digging, swimming, fishing, talking, eating, watching, sleeping, schlepping, and walking. Their individual journey in life remains a mystery. Yet we are all interconnected, within the family of our species, and as part of the universal creation.


I hope that these paintings also serve as a reminder that it is important to make time in our lives to relax, to play and to spend time by ourselves and with other people in a natural setting. This “time out” helps to renew our energy, enhances our wellbeing, and refreshes our creativity.


This series of paintings combines sand, shells, photo collage, and sculpted painted canvas shells in multi-dimensional art that breaks the surface of the canvas.


About the Artist

Marian Osher, a painter, printmaker and mixed-media artist, was born in Philadelphia and has lived most of her life in Maryland. She enjoys working in her studios in Maryland and near the Delaware seashore. She is a resident artist at Artists and Makers Studios in Rockville, Maryland. She was featured as a Spotlight Artist for the NY Examiner in 2016. She has had twenty-four solo shows, including six solo shows in NY. Her artwork has been shown in numerous group exhibitions in the U.S., and in international shows in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Italy and Russia. Osher is included in the Green Art Guide and the Women Environmental Artist’s Directory. The Environmental Defense Fund chose Osher’s artwork for the cover of their Pocket Seafood Selector (2007), which helps consumers to make environmentally sound seafood choices. Her work is included in the permanent collections of the Library of Congress, National Museum of Women in the Arts, and the Museum of Modern Art (Buenos Aires, Argentina), among others. She received her BA (University of Maryland) and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking (George Washington University).


Personal  Statement

Prior to an eye operation at age four, I saw double. With “new eyes” I delighted in a world of vision where I could see the single shapes of all things. And then I began to draw. That was probably the beginning of my art bio. Processing and transforming what I see, and sharing what it means to me through my art helps define who I am. 


I usually work thematically on a body of artwork that provides new insights and opportunities for personal growth. As I continue to evolve as a person, my art is like a river running through my life, taking new directions, influenced and inspired by my life’s experiences. I enjoy experimenting with printmaking, mixed-media, painting and collage, using water-soluble environmentally friendly media. I listen to music to enhance the process of letting go that leads me to intuitive color choices. 


I feel that art has helped me to become a more spiritual person, enabling me to feel the connection that we have with each other and with all of nature. Making art enriches my life by pushing me to experiment, to take risks, and to have fun.

Funland_copyright Marian Osher
Sand and Shells 1_copyright Marian Osher
Shell Scape_copyright Marian Osher
Under the Rainbow Umbrella_Marian Osher
Sand and Shells 2 _copyright Marian Osher
Bird Watching_copyright Marian Osher
Sand and Shells 4_copyright Marian Osher
Yellow Umbrellas_copyright Marian Osher
Diversity_Copyright Marian Osher
Dolles_copyright Marian Osher
Sandals_copyright Marian Osher
Beach Buddies_copyright Marian Osher