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I began working in wine and beer pours in August of 2017, after working in oils and watercolors for over 30 years. Painting had become stifling, and boredom had set in. Representational painting was not only very competitive but lacked what I desperately needed - a way to express myself freely and creatively. 

Working in pours re-connected me to the creativity and imagination I experienced in art school. The direction of the wine dictates how distorted a figure may or may not be, and no longer is representation a necessary part of my painting. There is no sketching to plan the drawing, I go right to the pour with a marker and try to reign in the happy chaos of the pour. This is a self-imposed discipline that energizes me and encourages me to think that there are no "mistakes". Three eyes and 12 fingers are actually quite the norm. The pours cause people to look, to reflect, to think, and yes - to laugh. The colors and the energy draw the eye and conversation ensues. The fact that the pours get their start from wine and beer only adds to the conversation.

Pours are made by pouring wine or dark beer on #400 watercolor paper, letting the liquid dry, then looking at the dried stain/image to see what shapes appear. Those shapes are defined with markers and colored pencil, using the lines/shapes of the pour. Some of the wine or beer stain is left untouched, other areas are mostly covered, but the integrity of the pour remains. 

Sometimes I have no direction for the final outcome and discover as I go along.

So why wine and beer? I love the way the wine and beer move across the textured paper - their color, the way they puddle and leave shimmery sugars behind. I love how wine and beer can bring people together for laughs and conversation. It's an unusual medium, and that's pretty cool in and of itself.  And yes, I like it - but no, I didn't accidentally spill wine and get the inspiration!

Titles of the pours are taken exclusively from current events (whether worldwide or personal events), and help date stamp a place in time. 

This medium is unique and unusual and has helped me connect with my true love for art and expression.

I hope you love it as much as I do.




Image 18x24 Guinness Pour on Board Frame 20x26

Flagg 14X11

Flagg 14X11

Image 14x11 Guinness Pour on Board Frame 15x12

Garden of Ego

Garden of Ego

Image 11x14 Guinness Pour on Board Frame 12.5x15.5

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