santo mirabile

Santo Mirabile began as an artist winning his high schools highest award in art from his graduating class. He went on to finish 4 years at the Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA. Two years later he became the art director of WDCA-TV in Washington, DC for four years and then later accepted the same position at WJLA-TV in that city.

Also gifted as a musician, Santo was chosen by Patti Labelle to be her horn-section leader and saxophone, clarinet and flute soloist for three years.


Wanting to return to his first love, art, Santo became a computer graphic artist for several decades making designs for such varied entities as the University of Maryland, WDCA Engineers/Architects, newspaper, magazine, and book publishers. In his off hours, Santo continued his fascination with fine art, making mobiles and paintings.


At this time Santo is making mobiles as his main area of interest, and is offering them to interested buyers.


Artist Statement

Mobiles are, for me, the ultimate in visual art. They encompass shape, movement and color, as well as, in some cases, surface texture. When sculpture moves, it also saves the viewer from circumnavigating the piece. They relax me, and inspire me with their possibilities. The fact that air currents push them just adds more wonder.


I'm a Libra, an air sign in the zodiac. Air, color, shape, and light, all play a role in my mobiles. This magic cannot be achieved without balance, and balance is a Libra trait as well. This balancing act is more than two-dimensional, beyond compositional form, it is a physical truth coupled with the elements of the place where the mobile lives.  I do color drawings of them before construction begins. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do making them.  I dream about them and they come alive in mid air.


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