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Step into my world, that glass of wine was poured for you! Artist Susan Webster acrylic paintings include varying compilations of collagraph prints, charcoal, fabric paints, collage and impasto. Most paintings have a 3-D element to them expanding beyond the canvas edge, who wants to stay within boundaries?


Maryland artist Susan Webster was born in the District of Columbia, she grew up living throughout the United States before finally attending Tyler School of Art at Temple University and graduating in 1986 with a degree in printmaking. Webster worked as a cartographer for an environmental firm, an adjunct art instructor at a community college and a freelance designer before focusing on her own artwork full time.


Her acrylic paintings are compilations of collagraph prints, charcoal, fabric paints, collage and impasto. Susan’s style is vivid and mobile; an expressionist abstraction of the mundane with a strong fauvist bent. She finds her greatest inspiration in the German Expressionists. “They show how to portray ones inner self without words using striking colors to express their feelings and to make their point.”


The bright colors and expressions she creates in her art reflect her personality and life perspective. Her paintings present an event with a deceivingly simple statement rather than a specific focal point.


Susan’s motivation is to live life to its fullest seizing every minute which clearly captures the viewer to experience just that as the viewer becomes part of her paintings realizing the abandon wine glass has recently been filled just for them. Her love of traveling abroad is often represented with the various scenes she creates from her memories and experiences. “Reality is an every day task; I prefer to paint an invitation for people to explore how I see my world and to bring their own personal interpretation.”


Susan Webster is fast becoming one of the more sought after artists in the region. She lives on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay where she works in her studio. Webster regularly keeps several galleries who represent her busy with repeat clients and new customers. The aggressiveness of her work with the unique use of three dimensions emanates the staying power she has in the current art market.

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